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13 Questions Democrat ‘Aspen Adam’ Frisch Is Dodging After Odd Statement in Response to Blackmail Bombshell

13 Questions Democrat ‘Aspen Adam’ Frisch Is Dodging After Odd Statement in Response to Blackmail Bombshell

October 14, 2022

Democrat Adam Frisch, who his opponent Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has dubbed “Aspen Adam,” is refusing to answer specific questions in the wake of a bombshell report this week where a business owner alleged he blackmailed the Democrat to force him to change his vote on a crucial project, or expose an alleged affair.

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Sex, Blackmail, and Video Tape: Lauren Boebert's Challenger Adam Frisch Stepped in it Big Time

October 14, 2022

Sexual congress is likely the only congress Democrat Adam Frisch will get to enjoy. Breitbart snagged a tasty exclusive story that gets wilder as you read it.

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THE FEDERALIST: Boebert Opponent Changed Vote On City Council To Keep An Affair Secret: Report

October 14, 2022

Former Aspen Democrat City Councilman Adam Frisch, who is now running for Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert’s House seat, was successfully blackmailed for his vote on a local issue to keep an affair secret, according to a new report.

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Exclusive: Business Owner Admits to Blackmailing Aspen Democrat Congressional Candidate Adam Frisch with Surveillance Footage and Alleged Storage Unit Affair

October 13, 2022

A man who owned a taxi service and storage facility in Aspen, Colorado, has claimed on video tape to the Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) campaign and in a separate exclusive interview with Breitbart News he allegedly blackmailed high profile congressional candidate Democrat Adam Frisch with surveillance footage of him showing up to a storage unit facility where, according to the business owner, Frisch was caught allegedly having an affair.

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Aspen Adam: Making Everything More Expensive

He says he will fight inflation, but let’s look at Adam Frisch’s 8-year record on the Aspen City Council

  • Approved electricity rate hikes, including for residents living in affordable housing units.
  • Pushed for more sales taxes and the city budget grew by over $40 million.
  • Voted to increase city fees by as much as 1,200%.
  • Dodged paying affordable housing fees required under city code
  • Increased government spending to over $120 million annually for a city with less than 7,000 residents, making Aspen one of the top tax collectors per resident in the nation!

Democrat Aspen Adam Lies About Being “Unaffiliated”

In a desperate attempt to portray himself as a “moderate” while running for Congress, Aspen Adam claims he was “unaffiliated my whole life.”

ASPEN ADAM LIED: Adam registered as a Democrat 30 years ago, signing under penalty of perjury.

See Aspen Adam’s Voter Registration Here ›

Aspen Adam: Ultra Liberal

Another Pelosi Far-Left Extremist

  • Federal Carbon Tax
  • Higher Electricity Prices
  • Plastic Bag Bans
  • Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
  • Opposes Gun Ownership

Business Times Calls Frisch An Imposter

Aspen Adam Caught Scheming To Tax All Fossil Fuels Into Oblivion

Aspen Adam is launching an advertising campaign so deceitful about his policy positions that The Business Times is now calling him “an imposter” who “is trying to sound just like Lauren [Boebert] the closer we get to the election.”

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert stated, “Pelosi’s Democrats tell lie after lie. My opponent lobbied for a federal carbon tax to jack up fuel prices, choke off natural gas, and kill Colorado’s energy jobs.That’s insane. Vote for me. I’ll always fight for you.”

Fact Check

Aspen Adam has pushed for a federal carbon tax since 2016, calling for the federal government to introduce and annually increase a new carbon tax on all domestic fossil fuels annually as a means to shut down use of any carbon-based fuels.

Aspen Adam’s Carbon Tax will fuel inflation, kill Colorado energy and destroy jobs, which is the exact opposite of what he campaigns on.

See the Carbon Tax Resolution Approved by Aspen Adam

Aspen Adam - Shady Politician Killing Local Jobs Image

Shady Politician Killing Local Jobs

While serving on the Aspen City Council, Adam Frisch secretly conspired with city staff to stage a year-long “emergency” shutdown of development in Aspen - killing construction jobs, choking off funding for affordable housing and intentionally circumventing Colorado’s open meeting laws.

During a 2019 candidate interview Adam Frisch openly bragged “for five months there was a pretty good well-kept secret as we worked behind the scenes” before he sprung his shutdown on an unsuspecting public. Previously The Aspen Times reported how he covertly was “discussing an emergency moratorium…outside of the public eye…so, they could keep developers in the dark about their intentions”. Why did Frisch do that? Because Frisch hates development so much that he was willing to create a fake “emergency” so he could rewrite Aspen’s land-use code. Frisch was quoted as saying, “We love the idea of environmentalism, but that really requires some environment density, but we’re not really a big fan of density and heights”.

Within 24 hours of making his scheme public, Frisch’s shutdown was approved and took place immediately, killing blue collar jobs people from towns like Rifle depended on to earn a living.

Sources: ACRA 2019 Mayoral Candidates interview and The Aspen Times 3/18/2016

Fact Checking Aspen Adam

Fact Checking Aspen Adam PDF Preview
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